Dr. Harrison N. Vaughan 

Physical Therapist, Osteopractor



Treatment Details

1:1 treatment time for 60 minutes

Highest clinical training in Physical Therapy

Uses most effective conservative measures and latest science for treating pain and disability.


Osteopractic Spinal Manipulation, Combined Lever Joint Mobilization, Dry Needling, Facial Manipulation, Static & Dynamic Dry Cupping, Therapeutic Taping, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Sensorimotor Management 

Why choose PSS?

Recovery from an injury is a process. It is a challenging time in your life and I am willing to help you through it.  Applying the right manual techniques and a home program at the right times is imperative. Your 1:1 treatment with me will guarantee you aren't wasting your time and the value of pain relief is invaluable.


When I evaluate your spine, I think of all the daily stresses it takes in your individual life and prescribe the most effective approach to maximizing your potential and quality of life.  But ultimately, I know how strong a structure that it is and work to maximize its capability to heal.
Pain relief is at the starting line.  Improved movement patterns and prevention is eventually the end result.


Neck and Back Pain
TMJ (jaw)