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Prescriptive Exercise

“Teaching you to treat yourself”

With all of the skills and advances in manual therapy prescription in physical therapy, my philosophy still stands of “teaching you how to treat yourself”.  This means that I want to show you ways to give yourself relief if you’re in pain and more importantly, ways to make you stronger so you will not have pain.  Bottom line, I want to put the ball in your court as much as possible so you will not have to rely on me!

For the most part, you are seeking care in order to MOVE better.  This could be simply to get out of the bed or chair without pain, or to run or bike without symptoms.  In some instances, the manual therapy techniques provided can get you moving better in itself.  However, I do specialize in individual exercise prescription to further the relieving effects that are encountered during the treatment.  This also allows you to become be able to manage your own symptoms better and need less healthcare professional assistance.

The exercises are:

  • Specific: I do not provide just general exercises for a home program, but ones that should give you relief of your symptoms if they arise again.
  • Non-painful: There is an old saying, “no pain no gain”.  However, this typically doesn’t work and if it did, you may not be seeking care as your symptoms would have resolved on its own!  The exercises I prescribe are non-painful, non-threatening and the intention is to provide yourself relief as well.
  • Less time-consuming: Everyone has busy lives and should not have to do specific home exercises are prescribed by clinicians that take a LONG time.  If the exercise prescription is correct, then you should be able to perform in very little time.  This should get you back to doing things you enjoy most, such as with family.
  • No equipment necessary: For the most part, I prescribe movements that do not require additional equipment or tools.  I believe that you can abate pain, improve function and decrease disability without the need for machines. With that said, I do want you to get back to the gym or other general workouts as you would like.  We can coordinate a time to meet at your gym.